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Inktober, week 2

Week 2 of inktober 2016, Sorry if some of the pictures are a bit blurry!  

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For those of you who follow me on instagram, you must have realized that I started to participate to this thing called #inktober2016. The idea is to produce one ink drawing per day for the whole of october. And I decided to follow my own theme so I assembled an envelope full of little words. […]

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Good morning

This post isn’t quite new, I waited for a special occasion (mid-september, when nothing happens, yes) to post it. Also, sometimes, I throw up blue. Yep. If you’re on the lookout for pills that can turn toilet time into magic moments, follow this link (it’s in french though). Yes it is a real thing! Internet talked […]


Don’t drink and work!

  To do list of the Day, Send an email to my family to thank them for this steadiness of mine. Invest in a First Aid Kit for electronic equipment (i.e. Buy a giant bag of rice, label it “Electronic” and tidy it near the band-aid box.) Never drink water again. Never.   Don’t drink and work & […]

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Creative Process

      First drawing made entirely with my graphic tablette ! Because yes, I just got a tablette but I will tell you all about it in the next episode !


That mess in my head

  SUCH a bad habit. My first reaction when something goes wrong ? I hide. Why ? I am strating to think that adulthood actually start when you realise that whatever you forget to do during that day, won’t be done the following day. Because no one is going to do it for us. So […]


Holidays !

  So, I will try to post regularly during those two months of travelling around, but it might be smaller drawings 🙂  

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In the middle of packing

Moving Stories aside, just to let you know : Christmas is coming (I am only saying this just in case you didn’t get the hint through all the Christmas trees around). So you know, if you are looking for ideas for your Christmas presents it is worth checking out Society6. And I am not only talking […]

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Celebrate your difference !

This sentence is french for ” At night all cats are grey”, which means that even though we are different, there are moments that will remind us that we all are alike. This said, I believe that difference needs to be celebrated. Differences make us unique and awesome in our own way ! Available on Society6

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